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I see each piece of my art as a window to another world - there are many worlds around us - and try to attract the attention of my viewers to something that, maybe, they could not see before. The moment of the petal moving in opening to the Sun. The light in the dog's eyes. The unusual Moon. The Magic of life.
I work in different media: colored pencils, oil, acrylics, watercolors. My favorite side of creating is mixing the languages of different media in one art conversation. I see those experiments as "the painting creates itself" process. And love it.
I am self-taught artist. Worked as a journalist for 15 years in Moscow, Russia, but when moved to United States in 2001 I decided to follow my dream. Illustrated few children books, got few awards at the art shows in Michigan.


    Elena Adam Michigan, USA

            Photo - Edward Adam

"Paintings have a life
of their own
that derives
from the painter's
       Vincent van Gogh
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